Watch Basil Okpara, 10-year- old mobile game developer who has built up to 40 games, speak on episode 5 of First Class Material (video)

Basil Okpara, the 10-year-old founder of BJN games who was recently profiled by CNN, is featured on episode 5 of First Class Material and this young genius will inspire you with his story.
Basil started building games this year, 2019, from a bootcamp he attended and he’s gotten so good at it that he has founded his own game company. He was only 9 at the time.
She added: “From there, Basil took it serious. His dad now bought him a computer. He was toying with it. He actually taught himself to use computers.”
When his father noticed his interest in creating games, they registered Basil in a 5-day bootcamp. In just a few days, he picked up as much as he could about coding and has now created up to 40 games.
Basil disclosed the process involved in creating his games to LITV.
He said:
The process involved in creating the game is, first I download the characters and the backgrounds of the game. Then I put the layers and the event sheet where I write my codes…
Then I write the code and put the characters in place.
Basil is literally changing the mobile gaming landscape in Nigeria and he is indeed a First Class Material.
FCM is a docuseries that shines the spotlight on Nigerians who are doing incredibly locally and globally. 
Watch the video below. To watch previous episodes, go to

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