‘We don’t really want to see any more imported rice in Nigeria’ -Dangote

According to Dangote, the rice brands that are not fortified for consumption are the uncaptured ones smuggled into the country through the borders.
Nigerian business tycoon, Alhaji Aliko Dangote has stated that “we don’t really want to see any more imported rice in Nigeria”.

While addressing the need to ensure the proper fortification of food consumed by the Nigerian populace, Dangote said Nigerians should rest assured that most of the rice that they will consume forthwith will be fortified.

“We don’t really want to see any more imported rice in Nigeria. But if we do, that rice will not be released by NAFDAC unless it is fortified. The major ones that we have not been able to capture are the small ones that are smuggled through the borders, which we hope will stop,” Dangote stated at the second annual Nigeria Food Processing and Leadership Forum held in Lagos.

“Rest assured that going forward, most of the rice that you would eat will be fortified,” he added.

Disclosing that food producers are working with regulators to ensure that the compliance level of food fortification hit 90% hit by 2020, the Dangote Group president maintained that creating a common set of compliance standards, will help producers deliver food that will make Nigerians live healthily and productively.

Meanwhile, a data presented by TechnoServe, an international non-governmental organisation, has it that Nigerian companies have significantly improved their compliance with food fortification standards.

According to the data, among six of the leading producers of staple foods in Nigeria, the proportion of adequately fortified wheat flour increased from 58% to 74%; fortified edible oil increased from 63% to 75%; fortified sugar increased from 32% to 84%; and salt iodization levels are maintained at nearly 100%.

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